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February 22 - 24, 2019

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​​NSO Prop Weapons Policy

For your safety, NSCon staff and Vassar Security reserve the right to confiscate or deny
any prop weapon at any time, even if it’s already been approved, for reasons including
yet not limited to: the weapon is deemed unsafe, the weapon fails the prop policy, or the
weapon is being used in an inappropriate or dangerous manner. Failure to comply will
result in possible expulsion from the convention and further action as deemed necessary.

1. Absolutely no real weapons are allowed on Vassar College campus. This includes, yet is
not limited to: firearms, of any type, electronic dart gun, electronic stun gun, knife of any
type, metal or plastic knuckles, cane or edged sword, billy, blackjack, bludgeon, chuka
stick, sand bag, club, slingshots, shirken or Kung Fu star, airgun, spring-gun, or other
instrument or weapons with any propelling force (spring, air, piston or CO2 cartridge) are
not allowed. Absolutely no loaded or blank cartridges or ammunition are allowed. No
prop weapons that can cause injury or are unnecessarily disruptive to other guests may be
brought onto Vassar College campus. Any prop weapons deemed dangerous, which
includes any that staff cannot easily determine is safe, will be confiscated on site by
NSCon staff and held until the guest leaves the campus. Any real prop weapons (knives,
guns, etc) brought on campus will result in further action by NSCon Staff and Vassar

2. Prop weapon check-in will occur at registration and all prop weapons are subject to
approval by NSCon staff and Vassar College security.

3. All prop weapons that have been approved by NSCon staff will be tagged with a green
zip tie clearly visible to those standing at least 10 feet away.

4. If a guest is caught without a green zip tie on a prop weapon, they will be redirected to
registration to complete prop-weapon check in. Failure to comply could result in being
banned from the convention space or further action as deemed necessary.

5. Misuse of prop weapons, by swinging, harassing, play-fighting, or endangering others,
will result in NSCon staff asking you to remove the prop from the convention space.

6. Props must be held below waist level or sheathed at all times unless posing.

7. For the safety and comfort of the campus students and staff, Prop weapons transported to
the event space (the first and second floor of Vassar Main) should be concealed in a bag
or cloth. Bag check will be performed at the registration desk.

8. If any guest has questions regarding the policy, or whether or not their prop weapon is
allowed, they can send a picture to [email protected], message admins
through the NSCon 2019 facebook page, or send a comment through the website guest
contact form at nosuchconvention.com.

Types of Prop Weapons Allowed

1. No sharp edges, no prop weapons heavy enough to bludgeon, nor weapons that can cause
injury, are allowed. This includes real guns, real crossbows, knives, swords, etc.

2. Absolutely no metal weapons, no glass, no functional whips or flails are allowed.

3. No explosive, chemical weapons, weapons that emit flame, or electric weapons are

4. No overly large weapons that restrict guest movement, the maximum size in any direction
is five feet.

5. Light wooden weapons (shinai, boken, bo sticks) with dull edges are allowed. Weapons
made of craft foam and plastic are allowed.

6. Prop guns or weapons that can fire projectiles are not allowed. Prop guns or firing
weapons must be clearly fake (ie, made of hard plastic, craft foam, and without a
functional trigger).

7. Weapons with moving parts are allowed on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of
NSCon staff. Acceptable moving parts could include fake buttons or the string on a bow.
Unacceptable moving parts include hard materials like metal, glass, or otherwise harmful
or disruptive accessories.

Cosplay Guideline

1. NSCon is a family-friendly event for all ages of guests, therefore no overly lewd
costumes are allowed at the con. All outfits must be street legal. If a NSCon staff member
asks you to change, please be respectful and do so. All outfits are subject to NSCon staff
and security jurisdiction.

2. No nipples or genitalia can be visible.

3. Footwear is required. No footwear that can damage the floor is allowed, this includes ice

4. Costumes should be inhibit anyone’s path, they must be able to fit through a door of a
standard height and width (~7.5’ x 3’).

5. No free floating chains, or trains longer than 1.5 feet long are allowed.

6. No sharp edges or points that could hurt guests are allowed.

7. Hard materials may be used as a structural base as long are they are covered in soft
materials (foam or soft padding), costumes may not have exposed hard materials such as
metal or wood.

8. Full face masks must be easily removable. Keep any headwear removed before entering
the convention space (the first and second floor of Vassar Main), after leaving, and
during the registration process. Absolutely no facemasks can be worn outside the
convention space at any time. Individuals must be processed through registration and
must have the mask approved prior to wearing it outside the convention space.